People mostly enjoy barbecues at their parties and family gatherings to enhance the charm of their celebrations. Not only the eating of barbecue is enjoyed in such parties but also the cooking. They want to have lambs, chickens, vegetables at their festivals prepared on the best barbecue skewers.

One of the biggest benefits of barbecue is that this is also good for health because when the meat is cooked or grilled at a high temperature most of the unhealthy bacteria present in it is killed. For the making of barbecue, the most important thing that people purchased for them is beef and chicken barbecue skewers.

You should also have a grill fork, spatula, tong, aluminum foil, gloves to make your barbecue grilling easier and faster. But the quality of your skewers depends mostly on the taste and texture of your barbecue so the skewers must be of high quality.

Top Quality Best Barbecue Skewers For Barbecue Lovers

There are many types of skewers available at shops and online. But you have to select the set which has all the essential qualities that help you in making your barbecue treat the perfect. There are plastic, wooden, metal, and Barbecue Stainless Steel Skewers available.

You can buy skewers of any material but the skewers should be of good quality that it maintains its shape when grilled at high temperature. To help you in choosing the best quality skewers  Super Reviews has prepared a list of the 10 best barbecue skewers for you.


Unicook Stainless Steel Shish Kabob Set, 6pcs – Stainless Steel and Bamboo Skewers

Unicook Stainless Steel Shish Kabob Set, 6pcsThis skewer is highly durable and easy to clean. They come with an amazing rack design so your food does not stick to it. If you are searching for skewers that are ideal for vegetable grilling then these barbecue vegetable skewers are best for you. That’s why it is the favorite choice for people who love BBQ.

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BigOtters Best Barbecue Skewers, 100 PCS – Best Reusable Skewers

BigOtters Barbecue Skewers, 100 PCSBigOtters skewer has an amazing handle with an ergonomic design to comfort you in preparing your barbecue easily. It has a comfortable grip that is made from non-slip material so you can make your barbecue without using gloves. Its metal tube is wrapped which gives you easy control on skewers and makes their storage easy for you.

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BearMoo Kabob Skewers 17″ Stainless Steel – Food Grade Stainless Steel

BearMoo Kabob Skewers 17 Stainless SteelYou can easily roll your food with BearMoo Kabob Skewers. These barbecue metal skewers are safe to use in the oven so you can get dual benefits from them. You can grill peppers, onions, other vegetables, and meat with these skewers. This is the best skewer set for grilling soft vegetables.

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16-inch Kabob Skewer with Wood Handle – Wooden Grip

16-inch Kabob Skewer with Wood HandleThe pack of these kabob skewers includes 10 skewers for a barbecue that is 16 inches long. So making longer steaks is no more a problem with these 16-inch skewers. These skewers are easy to clean as you can use the dishwasher to wash them.

The handles of these skewers are made up of wood that’s why they are anti-slip and easy to control. The handles are also thermally isolated, so there is no danger of burning hands while using them.

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Blue Donuts 24 Pack Kabob Skewers – Sharp Flat-Tip Sticks

Blue Donuts 24 Pack Kabob SkewersThese Best Barbecue skewers are made from high-quality stainless steel which’s why they are highly durable. These skewers are amazingly designed in a flat shape, so while cooking, your food doesn’t move from its place.

Although this design is quite old, it can cook your food uniformly from all sides. These skewers are best for people who don’t like partially uncooked food.

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FLAFSTER KITCHEN Skewers for Grilling- 16″ – Perfect Length with Push Bars

FLAFSTER KITCHEN Skewers for Grilling- 16If you want to buy a set of skewers that don’t rust or get damaged, then this is the best option for you as these skewers for grilling are made from high-quality stainless steel.

These skewers are best for homes and outside reunions. The sturdy design of the skewers makes the cooking easier for you.

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Unicook Upgraded Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer – 50 Bamboo Skewers & Foldable Grill Rack)

Unicook Upgraded Stainless Steel Barbecue SkewerThis set includes 6 reusable pieces of barbecue stainless steel skewers and a rack that is foldable and also has many pieces of bamboo skewers.

You can buy this entire package at an affordable rate. Its design gives you a unique style that prevents your food from twig. Its grill rack is easy to fold, that’s why it doesn’t consume more space.

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Rayson 6″ Premium Natural Bamboo Skewers – Commercial Grade Skewers

Rayson 6 Premium Natural Bamboo SkewersThis set of barbecue bamboo skewers contain 200 pieces so that you can use them many times in your barbecue party. Each stick is 6 inches long and has a diameter of 0.16 inches. They are best for barbeque, fruits, appetizers, corn, shish kebab, and chocolate fountains.

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1. Unicook Stainless Steel Shish Kabob Set, 6pcs – Stainless Steel and Bamboo Skewers

Unicook Stainless Steel Shish Kabob Set, 6pcs

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This package of skewers includes both stainless steel and bamboo skewers so you can get 2 types of skewers at the price of one. It has 50 pieces of bamboo skewers that are made up of natural bamboo and 6 pieces of stainless steel skewers. You can use any of them according to your need. It has an amazing higher grill rack style that prevents your food from twigging.

The style of this BBQ rack is unique among all the skewers set because it enables the rotation of the skewer at a high position so your skewer is always at a distance from the grill grate and there is no chance of meat to stick on the grate. The skewer is at the perfect place so the flame can easily reach it to cook the food perfectly.

The skewers of this brand cook the food evenly due to which the taste of your food is enhanced by grilling the food perfectly. They have pointed tips so you can easily get the food off from them as the food sliding becomes easy through its end. These Best Barbecue skewers are not only best for meat but also for vegetables, even the soft ones. You can use this set of skewers for every type of food. The bamboo skewers included in this set can be used for grilling or for serving appetizers in homes and parties.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable piercing skewers
  • Easy to fold grill rack
  • Free bamboo skewers
  • Not so durable
  • Don’t have a comfortable grip

2. BigOtters Best Barbecue Skewers, 100 PCS – Best Reusable Skewers

BigOtters Barbecue Skewers, 100 PCS

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These needle sticks for barbecue are easy to clean and can easily be reused. You can use them for a long period. These skewers are beautifully designed, that’s why they look elegant, they have comfortable handles and can give you a non-slip grip to grasp them easily while you are grilling your food. The metal tube of these skewers is wrapped so that you can easily carry them.

The size of these sticks is 13.4 inches, and 0.08 inches in diameter and the weight is 32oz each. The method of cleaning them is too easy, as you can use the dishwasher on them without any danger of damaging them. But most suitably you have to use water to boil them in this way, they also become clean from many germs and become safe so you can use them easily.

These skewers are best for making barbecues at parks, seasides, outdoor recreations, poolside BBQ parties, camping, or for backyard barbecue dinner. As these sticks are traveling safely, you can carry them wherever you want so you can have a BBQ camp at your favorite place.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle style
  • The head becomes hot
  • Very thin

3. BearMoo Kabob Skewers 17″ Stainless Steel – Food Grade Stainless Steel

BearMoo Kabob Skewers 17 Stainless Steel

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The barbecue beef skewers of this brand are made from food-grade stainless steel that’s why these sticks don’t melt at high temperatures as well as they prevent rust from forming and polluting your food. The thickness of the skewer is 1.8 mm, that’s the reason are hard and stable and they don’t get deformed. Food-grade stainless steel made them hygienic, and the food made on them is safe to eat.

For easy skewing of food, the best barbecue skewers have a perfect pointed design so your fingers don’t get damaged and the food also doesn’t spoil. These sticks have unique handle designs that are the best insulators of heat so they are easy to grip on and you can easily rotate your food by handling them. The size of these skewers is best for homes as well as for outside barbecue receptions.

The skewers of this brand have a layer of polish on them so your food does not stick on the skewers and is easy to remove. You can wash the sticks simply with water or you can also use the dishwasher on them. But before storing them for reuse, you have to clean them with a mop to make them dry so they remain resistant to rust. This set of skewers include 10 skewers of high quality, a silicone pastry brush, and a storage porch.

Pros & Cons

  • Ideally long barbecue skewers
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Wide blade
  • They don’t work for vegetables
  • Little wider

4. 16-inch Kabob Skewer with Wood Handle – Wooden Grip

16-inch Kabob Skewer with Wood Handle

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These skewers have wooden grips that make them more comfortable than other skewers, as wood is the insulator of heat and is non-slip, so these skewers are easy to handle and safe to use. By using these skewers, your hands don’t get damaged from heat and you can comfortably grasp them while you are rotating your food. There are 10 Barbecue Skewers in this package having a length of 16 inches.

These skewers are specially made for BBQ, so 304 stainless steel is used in their manufacturing. That’s why they are highly resistant to rust. The joining point of the blade and grip is solid and durable, so you can easily reuse them.

The blade of these skewers is flat to protect your meat from slipping while you are grilling them. Although these skewers’ blades are flat, you can easily screw the food from the sticks.

These chicken skewers barbecue can also be used for beef, shish kebab, city chicken, and vegetables. The cleaning of these skewers is also easy. But when you are storing them, make sure that they are dry because wet surfaces can cause the formation of rust on them.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality material
  • Multi-purpose
  • Flat blade
  • Length is short
  • Not ideal for Marshmallows

5. Blue Donuts 24 Pack Kabob Skewers – Sharp Flat-Tip Sticks

Blue Donuts 24 Pack Kabob Skewers

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These skewers are made in a very different way that instead of sharp needle-like tips they have sharp flat tips that can protect your food from slipping while grilling the food. This flat tip technique is very old, but it is very useful when it comes to the grilling of barbecue. These amazing flat barbecue skewers can cook your food equally from all sides due to their flat design.

These skewers are made from food-grade quality stainless steel so they are more durable than any other material and can make your food more hygienic than others. Their materials don’t melt even in the highest heat, so the steel doesn’t contaminate your meal. If you want a good grilling accessory for your home, then this is the best for you because of its durability and multiple reusable benefits.

The best barbecue skewers have ring-top handles that you can safely grasp and can rotate your food whenever it needs. The shape of the skewer protects your food from falling as it holds the food-safe, and there is no chance of wastage of your food. They are perfect for grilling meat, vegetables, corn, seafood, poultry, fruits, and cheese.

Pros & Cons

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Sharp, flat tips
  • Hard to clean
  • Thick and heavy

6. FLAFSTER KITCHEN Skewers for Grilling- 16″ – Perfect Length with Push Bars

FLAFSTER KITCHEN Skewers for Grilling- 16

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16 is considered the perfect length for the skewers used for barbecue purposes. These skewers have a perfect length of 16 inches having Push bars so you can comfortably push the meat and vegetables with no danger of burning hands.

They have angled tips that make them ideal for grilling barbecue, veggies, corn, and seafood but most prominently they are the best barbecue shrimp skewers. Their amazing design does not allow the food to fall from them instead they hold the food safe.

On these skewers, the food is evenly cooked and gives a delicious taste also you can turn the food easily. In addition to design, these skewers are made up of 304 stainless steel that is perfect for kitchen utensils, as it has amazing corrosion-resistant properties and is highly durable. This steel is easy to sanitize and is best for use for cooking food. In this way, by using these skewers your barbecue is prepared in a very sanitized manner.

These skewers can easily be washed from a dishwasher and you can reuse them multiple times as they don’t get rusted for years. You don’t need to soak them before grilling as needed in bamboo skewers. They are safe to use and are very cost-effective.

Pros & Cons

  • 8 pieces with storage bag
  • Angled tips
  • Highly affordable
  • The push bar is difficult to use
  • Hot to grasp the skewer

7. Unicook Upgraded Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer – 50 Bamboo Skewers & Foldable Grill Rack

Unicook Upgraded Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer

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This is the amazing 3 in 1 package for a barbecue function as it has 6 pieces of stainless steel skewers with 50 bamboo skewers and a free foldable grill rack. The grill is large so the cooking area is increased and you can raise your kabob enough that they don’t stick with the grates of the grill. This is why these skewers are best for vegetables and delicate meat.

The notches of these best barbecue skewers are perfectly designed in U-shaped so that you can easily place the flat skewers vertically and horizontally according to your barbecue’s need, and in this way, your meat can evenly grill from all the sides.

The quality of these skewers is also good because they are made from high-quality stainless steel, having a locking process that made the rack secure to grill on. These skewers are best to use in an oven and on electric, and gas grill.

The extra bamboo skewers in this package are also very useful for large families or camps. These sticks are made from natural bamboo so your food remains hygienic and they don’t stick with your food. Before using them, you just have to soak them in water so they can be better used in grilling your food.

Pros & Cons

  • The raised BBQ grill rack
  • Piercing skewers
  • Amazingly designed notches,
  • Length is short
  • Very thin

8. Rayson 6″ Premium Natural Bamboo Skewers – Commercial Grade Best Barbecue Skewers

Rayson 6 Premium Natural Bamboo Skewers

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These barbecue bamboo skewers are the choice of chefs in commercial areas because they keep your food protective to slip and can bear a weight of 3 pounds without breaking.

So you can easily use them for the barbecue or grilling other things as they are used by professionals. On these skewers, you can grill beef, chicken, fish, corn, vegetables, marshmallows, hot dogs, and other food, even delicate ones as they hold your food in a protective way.

These wooden barbecue skewers are made from natural bamboo that’s why they are strong enough to bear the weight of your steaks and have sharp edges so you can easily remove the food from it when the food is fully cooked.

Your food does not stick on these skewers because they are made from premium quality material. They are fully hygienic as they are mostly not reused, but you can use them again if you clean them and store them.

These bamboo skewers are 6 inches in length and have a diameter of 0.16 inches. They are best for every type of food, even for fruits and cheese. But you have to soak them in water for about an hour to prevent the wood from burning while they are on the grill.

Pros & Cons

  • 200 sticks in one pack
  • Very cheap
  • Ideal for every kind of food
  • Short in length.
  • Not so durable

What Qualities You Should Notice While Purchasing the Barbecue Skewers?

People use skewers in their daily routine for making salads, grilling, baking, and for other culinary art. These skewers are not only used for cooking but also for decorating the food.

You use skewers for your food so you must select them carefully because if they are not good they can ruin your grilling. You should notice the most essential qualities of BBQ skewers so you can buy the best Barbecue skewers for your food.

Handle of Skewer

The handle is the main thing that you should consider while you are purchasing the skewers. Because you should grasp the handle, to turn your food on the grill.

If their handles get hot easily, then you can’t hold them properly and you have to face difficulties in grilling your food. So the handle of your BBQ skewers should be made from insulator material.

Best hold your food

Some skewers are so slippery that they can’t hold your food, and your food falls from them. As a result, there is a loss of your food and the waste of your money.

So you should buy a skewer by checking the reviews of it, whether it holds the skewer or not. There are many skewers available that are available at a reasonable rate that doesn’t allow your food to fall from them.

Don’t stick with your Barbecue

When your barbecue is ready, you have to skew it from the sticks to enjoy it. But if your skewers are of bad quality, then the barbecue is stuck with the skewers and you can’t separate them. Use the  Best Barbecue Skewers, in order to have stick-free barbecue.

In the end, it destroys your party. So escaping from this situation you must buy high-quality skewers that easily get separated from your food.

Material of skewers

There are two types of skewers: one is metallic skewers, and the other is non-metallic skewers. Metallic skewers are made from stainless steel and non-metallic from bamboo.

It depends upon you what types of skewers you want to use for your barbecue party. But the quality of skewers must be premium as metal skewers are made from food-grade steel and bamboo skewers are made from natural wood that makes them durable.

Blade of skewer

The blade or skewers may be pointed or flat; it depends on the design of skewers. Both designs have their benefits so you can buy the one which is most suitable for you.

If the shape of the blade is not good, then your food can’t cook equally from all sides and you have to eat the partially uncooked food, which is odd to hear. So the design of the blade depends upon the grilling of your food.

Reusable or not

Many skewers are reusable so you can use them again and again for grilling your food. Mostly stainless steel skewers are reusable and bamboo skewers are not. You can select the skewers according to your choice.

If you don’t want to reuse your skewers as you are a very hygienic person, then you should use bamboo skewers. But if you want your skewers to last long then you should buy barbecue metal skewers.

With or without Rack

The package of skewers may contain both metallic and nonmetallic skewers having a grilling rack. If you want to buy a rack with skewers so they both are perfect for each other, then you should go for a package having both of them.

But if you already have a rack, then you should simply buy a set of skewers having 6 to 12 sticks according to your family.

Length and width of skewers

The length and width of skewers matter a lot because the best barbecue skewer should not be too short that your hands can burn with the heat and they should not be so long that you can’t handle them. The ideal length of the skewer helps you to grill the food perfectly.

The ideal width of the skewer is 0.35 inches that the meat will occupy the perfect area and can be cooked properly.

Use for every kind of Food or not

Skewers are used for grilling many kinds of food, but if your skewers only grill the meat, then they are not good.

The best skewers have the ability to grill beef, seafood, poultry, corn, marshmallows, veggies, and cheese so you can enjoy every type of baking and grilling. They should be microwave safe so you can put them in the oven easily.

Price of Skewers’ Package

A good pack of skewers is available at 7 to 20 dollars according to the number of skewers include in them. There are many packs of skewers available at lower rates but you have to choose the high-quality skewers because your food is related to your health.

Wooden skewers are available at low rates as compared to stainless steel skewers. So you have to buy the Best Barbecue Skewers according to your choice, having all the good qualities.

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