A coffee maker summons zombies back to life, one cup after another. To give human fuel all day, even if it leaves behind just mess and grime, is a tough job. But there is one person with an even tougher job, yeah, the person who has to clean the coffee maker.

The stubborn mess inside your coffee machine is likely to fail your dishwashing liquid pretty soon. What can work is something tougher like bleach. Here the question arises, How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Bleach?

Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach

Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach

To clean the coffee maker you will have to follow the given steps and need the following materials

Materials Needed

These are the materials you need.

  1. 1 tablespoon of Bleach
  2. A gallon of Water
  3. Five gallons of clean water for cleaning
  4. A fully functional Coffee maker


Follow the procedure carefully to Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach safely,

Step 1: Mix The Solution

Mix The Solution

In the very first step, you will have to mix the one tablespoon of bleach with the one gallon of water. It is an important step because you will have to be really careful while working with bleach. And do not pour the bleach directly into the coffee maker.

Step 2: Run The Coffee Maker

Run The Coffee Maker

Pour the water and bleach solution into the water reservoir and let it fully run through the coffee maker. Let the mixture fill the coffee pot as well, it will make sure to fully clean the pot.

Step 3: Pour Out The Liquid From The Coffee Pot And Repeat

Pour Out The Liquid From The Coffee Pot And Repeat

After the coffee pot fills, turn off the coffee maker and pour out the mixture. You want to turn off the coffee maker to minimize the amount of bleach mixture that hits the heating plate. Run an entire gallon of water through the system.

This will take many runs that depend on your drip coffee maker model. Be sure to run through all of this solution, do not leave your coffee maker unattended.

Step 4: Clean With Warm Water

Clean With Warm Water

Put a clean gallon of hot or warm water and run this through your coffee machine. This will take some time, hot water to minimizes the time spent warming water in the brew cycle.

Repeat this until you’ve it for 5 fresh gallons of hot water through your coffee system. when you Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach, It is important to run 5 gallons of water through the system to ensure it is clean of bleach residue!

Step 5: Air Dry The Coffee Maker

Air Dry The Coffee Maker

Last but not least, air dry your coffee maker to avoid any smell. Dry it in under the sun for one day and several days on the counterpart. If there are any white spots pour fresh water and clean again for better results.

Stay Safe!

Stay Safe!

Bleach is often used in industrial and commercial settings, but they take enough time and safety precautions to ensure no residue ends up in the next brew, making you sick. You must know while you Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach that Bleach is a harsh chemical and can be unsafe for consumption.

Even highly diluted bleach and water solutions used to sanitize dishes, need to air dry for complete effectiveness, and this will be difficult inside a coffee maker.

Safe Alternatives

Safe Alternatives

To avoid the risk of bleach being retained in the brewing mechanisms, causing damage to your machine, and ending up in your morning cup. Let’s look at some alternatives,



Let’s learn the process of cleaning coffee makers with vinegar for a safer option. When you choose the vinegar for cleaning the coffee maker, it is important to remember that only take white vinegar, not the namby-pamby white version.

Put equal parts of vinegar and water into the jar. Then pour it into your machine, run the longest brew cycle then clean it with plain water, take a piece of clothes and clean it correctly.

After the process, you should take the 100% result and get a new and shiny coffee maker.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

One of the powerful detergents, the process of cleaning a coffee maker with baking soda is a less expensive and profound cleaning way. You will need half or a quarter cup of baking soda and the same quantity of warm water.

Fill the mixture in a pot and heat it properly. Fill the coffee maker with this mixture and shake it for three to five minutes. Then pour this mixture and clean with soft clothing. This process gives your coffee maker a new look.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

This article will better answer the question of how to clean a coffee maker with bleach? Also for those peoples who have a query on the safest way and alternatives. This is a simple and easy way, it takes less than no time in deep cleaning for washing your coffee maker.

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