The most versatile player of competitive games, Fresh uses a HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard. Many people, especially professional players, want to know What keyboard does fresh use.

In this article, we will discuss the top qualities of Fresh’s keyboard & Fresh’s gaming setup.

Let’s Jump to Know About Fresh’s Gaming Setup!

Let’s jump to know about Fresh’s gaming setup

Incorporates a standard HyperX Alloy FPS console with Kailh Silver Speed switch and dynamic RGB lighting. Notwithstanding, the switch has been patched and the keys can, in any case, be supplanted.

The silver switch setpoint is 1.2mm and the red switch setpoint is 2mm. You can straightforwardly utilize the F1, F2, and F3 console keys to set and switch between the three arrangement records.

These setup records and the lighting of each catch can be designed through the NGenuity programming. Primarily, it is worked around a solid steel outline and weighs roughly 1.08 kg (2.4 lb). This console incorporates two USB ports every one for consoles and for other charging gadgets.

Before getting to know about What keyboard does fresh use, let’s first know:

What Mouse Does Fresh Use?

If you are looking to know what keyboard and mouse do fresh use then find the answer from here at Both Final Mouse Air58 versions are used by FRESH. Fresh has been sponsored and uses both colors by Final Mouse, of several Air58’s. The Air58 is a PMW 3360 sensor in an ambidextrous gaming mouse. DPI is used to switch between 400, 800, 1600, or 3200 profile options. It is a light mouse with 58 g (2oz), mainly due to its hexagonal holes in the plastic chassis and the lack of RGB light. It also has a 1,78m (70″) flexible Bungie cord designed to keep the user out of the way. It also has two programmable macro buttons on the right side of the thumb.

Who Was Fresh?

Who Was Fresh

After getting to know about What keyboard does fresh use, let’s first know, who was fresh? MrFreshAsian’s complete name is Harley Campbell (born on March 5, 2002). MrFreshAsian is an Australian Fortnite player and an esports player for Team Renegades. His live stream of the Fortnite game has pulled in about 600,000 supporters.

He dispatched his own Twitch to divert in 2012 and began his own excursion. MrFreshAsian joined the Renegades group in August 2018 and turned into an expert esports player. Both MrFreshAsian and HighDistortion are Twitch stars and acclaimed for streaming Fortnite.

Features Of Fresh’s Keyboard!

Features Of Fresh’s Keyboard

  • The following info will give a fine description of What keyboard does fresh use and what are its features:
  • HyperX Alloy FPS RGB ™ is an ergonomically designed, elite console for guaranteeing a total presentation of your abilities and style.
  • The uncovered LED on the key switch can upgrade the brilliance of the RGB backdrop illumination, which can be redone with the simple-to-utilize HyperX NGenuity programming to make your video web-based truly stick out.
  • Composite FPS RGB occupies little room and is reasonable for conditions with restricted space, so you can let loose space without expanding mouse affectability. This keyboard can also be used as the best external keyboard for MacBook Pro.
  • It likewise has an advantageous USB charging port and separable twisted link that is wear-safe and simple to convey.
  • The strong steel outline guarantees that the console sits consistent and consistent when you hysterically press keys to reload, bring down adversaries, or rapidly trade weapons. This does explain well about What keyboard does fresh use.
  • The solid Kailh Silver Speed key switch can withstand 70 million key tasks and has a super light main thrust, settling on it as an ideal decision for gamers who need to acquire an advantage over the opposition.
  • After you have prepared your console to flaunt, you can specifically set aside 3 custom settings to install memory and productively make your very own large-scale settings and light show.
  • Compound FPS RGB adaptable interactivity, 100% enemy of ghosting and N key flip capacity won’t ever miss significant key tasks.


Now, you may know about What keyboard does fresh use and other classic features of Fresh’s entire gaming setup. If you want to be a professional gamer or want to follow these professional competitive game players then, follow these trends! In recent decades, the gaming industry has changed rapidly. Gaming is a huge desktop machine from back in time to now playing games in a beautiful VR and more. The gaming sector is bigger and marketing bigger than ever before. The gaming industry moves faster than ever before! From the comfort of any device, you will have a better gaming experience from all over the world!

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