You may be searching for How Laptop Screens Are Measured because there are several circumstances where a user might question “What is my laptop screen size”? It is good to know what your laptop screen size is and how you can measure it, whether you want to call technical support on your screen or even compare your system with others.

2 Different Methods Through Which Laptop Screens Are Measured

There are two ways to measure your laptop screen size:

  1. By measuring tape
  2. By device specification,

You can measure your screen from the top-left corner to the bottom-right of the panel with tape. Alternatively, on the web or in the settings panel of your computer, you can review the computer specs to see how large your laptop screen is.

Let’s dive into our guide on how laptop screens are measured.

  • Measure Laptop Screen By Using Measuring Tape 

Using the measuring tape from the upper left corner of your screen to the bottom right of the screen. The Order from the upper right to the lower left side of your screen if you choose.

Only measure the screen; do not include the monitor frame or the “bezel.” The hardware industry uses inches as the traditional laptop measurement device. So, make sure you use this unit instead of some other unit when measuring your screen.

  • Measure Laptop Screen Without Measuring Tape

You can scan the laptop specs on the web, when you do not have a measurement tape at hand, not just measure your computer but also for other useful details about your monitor and screen. All your details about your laptop should be available on the laptop model page of your laptop brand.

Be aware that every laptop brand will display the specifications of its products differently. Check for “Product Details.” Search for the “Specifications” of your model once in the “Product Details.” You can find your RAM Laptop Memory, Microprocessor, Hard Drive, etc.

In addition to the resolution, the monitor model, and other related monitor data, the screen measurement is in the “Display” portion. In this way, Laptop screens are measured accurately!

What’s the Best Screen Size for a Laptop?

Laptop monitors typically range from 11″ to 17″ with the most frequent sizes being 14″ or 15.” However, bear in mind that your user needs to depend on the ideal screen size.


It’s always good to know the size of your laptop’s monitor and the way Laptop screens are measured. You can calculate it directly with the help of a diagonal measuring tape, or you can get this knowledge by looking too much for your system specification on the web or your own laptop. Use our above-mentioned helpful guidelines to measure the screen of your laptop.

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