Have you borrowed someone else’s shoes? Or picked out the wrong size of shoes that’s slightly too large. Here you just need to know how to make big shoes fit. Fortunately, you can use some techniques to wear 1 size bigger shoes better and also make them safer to wear.

Let’s dive into 5 different processes of how to make big shoes fit

You can end up with shaky footing if you try to wear big shoes without any extra support. Big fitting shoes tend to floppy, and if you don’t walk carefully in them, you can turn an ankle or worse.

The techniques included in this guide of how to make shoes bigger fit not only help you to make these shoes feel much better but also help you to walk safer.

For these and more reasons, you must know how to make big shoes fit better if you intend to wear big shoes.

  • Wear More Socks To Make Big Shoes Fit 

One of the ancient ways to make large shoes suit smaller feet is to wear more socks! A thick pair or multiple layers of socks will act as a buffer to provide you with extra space in your shoe and give you more stability.

However, socks are an optional choice for you because it depends on the weather environment. You’ll probably see significant results from this method if you live in a winter’s environment.

Winter boots tend to be slightly larger than normal shoes, and it’s also a safe way to keep your feet covered with some additional layers of socks in the winter. But look for foot sweat and ensure that your boots are cleaned if they get stinky.

  • Put Mentioned Stuff In Your Shoes 

If you wonder how to make big shoes fit, the good news is that you can bring all kinds of stuff into your shoes to make them more fit. Try to put this mentioned stuff in your shoes.

  • Newspaper
  • Cotton balls
  • Toilet paper
  • Rags

However, this method is not for permanent fixes because these materials can not last a day. It depends on how sweaty your feet are, the hotness of the day, the activity on your feet. But this method is good for reducing the back and forth slipping that comes with wearing too-large shoes.

  • Insert Extra Insole To Make Big Shoes Fit 

After stuffing your shoes, additional insoles to make shoes smaller is another good way to make your big shoes fit. Inserting an extra insole is a little bit expensive method as compared to the above-mentioned methods.

Most insoles have a considerable amount of body and the lifting effect of the insole, which would make it safer for your shoes. Also Be careful, when selecting your insole type including material, shape, and sizes.

  • Go to A Professional Cobbler 

If you are surfing for how to make big heels fit smaller then going to a professional shoemaker is the only way that makes your shoes accurately sized.

A cobbler will add custom inserts to your shoes, which are more suitable for your feet and also have permanent replacements. However, the services of a cobbler are much more costly than all of these other alternatives.

If you plan to wear your shoes a lot or they have sentimental value, then hiring a cobbler is not a bad idea. But If your boots are inexpensive, or you don’t wear them often, then hiring a cobbler is not a good idea.

  • Sew An Elastic Band In Your Shoes 

If you want to know how to make boots fit tighter, then I suggest sewing an elastic band in your shoes to make big shoes fit. You may make some semi-permanent adjustments to your shoes if you have some experience with a needle and thread.

Elastic bands can fit more snugly in the inner edges of the shoes, but this requires a bit of know-how. If you don’t know how to sew elastic bands in your shoes, then You’re going to end up with holes in your shoes.

“It’s important to have the support of a fitted pair of shoes to make our feet (and bodies) comfortable, safe, healthy, and long-term functional. If this is not entirely feasible, it’s the next best thing to know how to make big shoes fit!”

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