If you have a favorite pair of shoes rubbing ankle bone, and you can’t get rid of them, then you don’t have to walk in pain forever. because Supper Reviews give the solution of how to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Back Your Ankle.

6 Different Method Of How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Back Your Ankle 

Whether wearing new shoes or your old shoes are irritating you, go through the below-mentioned guide to know the latest trick to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Back Your Ankle. I have explained the latest hacks and tricks that’ll surely make you free of this problem.

Here are the 6 expert methods of how to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Back Your Ankle.

1. Wear Thick Cotton Socks/Double Socks

Blisters can be also induced if your socks don’t give your feet or the shoes enough cushion. The thicker your socks, the lower the chances of forming blisters. Try to wear a pair of additional socks if you get frequent heel blisters.

Stick to thicker cotton socks and prevent thinner polyester socks. Also, running shoes rubbing the side ankle bone but doubling your socks makes your running shoes more comfortable.

2. Attach Good Insoles to Your Shoes 

If you are searching for How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Back Your Ankle, try to attach good insoles to your shoes. Poor insoles don’t support your feet and leave much space in your shoe. The more void space, the more your feet move, which can cause rubbing the back of your ankle or also produce blisters.

Attach a small insole to your base of shoes and decrease the surface area of your heel. The more the shoes fit, the less motion and the lower risk of blister formation occurs. As an additional plus, fitting insoles would just make your shoes more comfortable.

3. Sew Moleskin With Shoes 

Moleskin is soft to touch and offers a soft feel to the skin and cushions your ankle back. Furthermore, it is usually durable, so it lasts long as your shoes last. To bind the moleskin to the shoes, use superglue or fabric glue. If you are crafty with a needle, you should sew the moleskin on to ensure that it lasts long.

The shoes always rub the back of your ankle with the moleskin in place. However, it will not hurt and make a better shoe pair.

4. Stretch the Back Of Your Shoes By Using Heat

If you want to know how to stop shoes from rubbing Achilles, then stretch the back of your shoes by using heat, this method is efficient and easy. It does not fit as well as on leather, canvas, or other textiles.

  • Take a hairdryer and Heat the back of the shoes.
  • Put the shoes on and wait for the back to cool after five minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure until it stops rubbing.

5. Apply Duct Tape Before Wearing Shoes

If your shoes cause blisters on the back of the heel, then apply duct tape before wearing the shoes. Duct tape prevents you from feeling rubbed, and many people use it before running or jogging, as it’s so smooth and durable. There are three ways to avoid sliding shoes scratching your knee with duct tape:

  • Put it on the inside of the shoe.
  • Tap it to your socks.
  • Put it on your leg.

Be conscious, if the blister is already created, the above methods will not avoid the bubbles and hurt. So maybe wait until you’re cured if you’re going to use duct tape before jogging as others did. Not only will your shoes not rub, but you will also be painless in this way.

6. Try To Stick Cotton Wool In Your Socks Or Shoes 

It is unpleasant, but in an emergency, you can shoot your shoes with cotton wool. If you don’t already have it in your bathroom, most grocery stores have it. Try sticking it in your socks to make them less unattractive.

Your makeup remover cotton pads are also enough for this. They won’t be as thick or as effective and will move more, but it’s better than a blister!

How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes?

For knowing the solution on How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Back Your Ankle, you also need to know how to soften the back of new shoes, then you must try these things to soften the back of new shoes.

  • Castor oil.
  • Alcohol.
  • Kerosene.
  • Vinegar.
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