If you are a BBQ lover and want to if you do not Soak Skewers. well, there are two types of skewers, first is metal skewers that don’t need soaking. The second type is a wooden skewer. A wooden skewer can char on the ends if not soaked. If you listen to the Kitchen expert Gourmet’s John Willoughby, who said in one article “Don’t soak the wooden skewers. It just seems, no matter how long you soak, the tiny little pieces on the end are just going to burn, anyway.” 

Yes, you can do grilling with wooden skewers and entertain guests. Grill your food, for all kinds of audiences, the vegans or the chicken tikka lovers, kabobs are fun, right? But the debate on soaked vs unsoaked remains among the netizens. You don’t want hungry guests at the end of the day.

Do Not Soak Skewers Before Checking These 4 Things

It is possible because a lot of the skewer is covered by the food. We can analyze the process in four aspects:

  • Area matters a lot in the process the soaking, it will be needed in warmer areas and it might not be needed in colder areas.
  • Quality plays a part as well. If you have higher quality bamboos, then there are fewer chances of bamboo skewers being flamed and you get ashes than delicious mutton chomps.
  • The thickness of the skewers is another aspect if you have thicker sticks, they are less likely to get flamed while thin ones burn a lot faster.
  • What do you cook? Thinking of delicious shrimps or the paneer? keep that in mind, the meat will take a lot of heat while vegetables don’t take a lot of heat and that can affect the skewer charring.

So what if you still do not soak skewers? In a thread at Epicurious, where a question was posted, people had various experiences. In some areas, it is even unheard of, soaked skewers.

The difference in the outcomes might be because of the area and quality, you might skip the process in a cold area, on the other hand, in warmer areas soaking is suggested by the experts to prevent any accidents and a bad day.

Why Soak The Bamboo Skewers?

Soak The Bamboo Skewers

A lot of inexperienced grilling enthusiasts gave it a try, but their experience was turned into embarrassment, Oops! No one wants to serve burnt food, I won’t! That is why it is recommended to use soaked skewers for thirty minutes by the gurus from the kitchen.

It is good to avoid any safety hazards later. if you do not Soak Skewers, then it’ll increase your burning process. You can also add different flavors with this. Who doesn’t want to show off their cooking skills?

Ways Around Soaking

Ways Around Soaking

Grilling is our favorite, but bamboo skewer is not anyone’s cup of tea. You still want a better solution, then there are different alternatives. Ever heard of Grill basket or the foil packet methods?. If you own a grill basket, put the ingredients in the basket in one layer and put them on the grill.

Alternatively, you can put the meat and vegetable pieces in a large piece of foil paper to cover the food entirely and add your marination or drizzle with oil to retain moisture and wrap up securely. The food will not get the best-looking grill marks, but it will take on some of that smoky grill flavor for your delicious lunch. But again, if you do not Soak Skewers, you’ll not be able to get your tongue on the taste you want!

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