People get confused & very much curious to know Wood or Metal Skewers better?  because both leading types of skewers have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I am going to show a brief comparison between both types. Let’s dive in to explore the differences.

Compare The Quality To Know Wood or Metal Skewers better

Wood or Metal Skewers better? Wood skewers as the name shows are built from wood whereas the metal skewers are made using stainless steel. As we all know that wood is prone to catch fire during BBQ so using the wooden skewers needs some sort of basic guidance while on the other hand metal skewers get hot.

Usage of Metal Skewers VS Wood Skewers

One thing about wood skewers is that they may need some preparation before using them because wood is flammable. So, the wood skewers must be wet before use because there is less chance of burning wet wood.

Metal skewers are easy to use. We don’t have to soak them before use and it is easier on the environment, but they can get incredibly hot. Thus, we have to soak them in cold water after use in order to use them again. Metal skewers are heat absorbent.

Recommendation of Metal Skewers VS Wood Skewers

Soak the Wood Skewers in warm water for 20 minutes before use.

Soak metal skewers for 20 minutes at least after use because they get incredibly hot after use. You can buy special metal skewers with non-burning or plastic handles, but they are more expensive.

Consider Durability To Know Wood or Metal Skewers better?

Wood skewers are mostly disposable while on the other hand, metal skewers are reusable.


  • Don’t use Dry wood Skewers!
  • Don’t use hot metal skewers as they can cause severe burns if making contact with the skin.


For Wood Skewers

  • Spray each skewer with non-stick cooking spray to prevent food from getting stuck.
  • Leave a small space between each item on the skewer.
  • On the heat, try to move the skewers as little as possible to prevent food from loosening and falling off as they cook.

For Metal Skewers

  • Initially, brush the metal skewers with oil.
  • Put 5-6 pieces of marinated meat on metal skewers with space in between them.
  • When meat is cooked perfectly, push the meat with a fork in any container.
  • Then, soak the metal skewers in the cold water for at least 20 minutes.

Cleaning of Metal Skewers VS Wood Skewers

For Wood Skewers

  • · Take a pan full of warm water.
  • · Soak the wood skewers for 15-20 minutes or up to 4 hours then wash away.

For Metal Skewers

You can wash thoroughly with dishwashing soap and rinse. If there is rust on the metal skewers then take a spray bottle filled with water, put some vinegar and baking soda in it and let the metal skewers into it for a few minutes. Then wash the sticks with water.

Comparison On Wood or Metal Skewers better

Wood Skewers Metal Skewers

  • Wood skewers are mostly cheap.
  • Metal skewers are expensive.
  • Wood skewers need care as we have to soak them for 20 minutes before use and dispose of them after use by one time mostly.
  • Metal skewers are used instantly by putting the marinated meat into it and it may soak after use for 20 minutes. And after 20 minutes we can use metal skewers again.
  • Wood skewers are disposable
  • Metal skewers are reusable
  • Wood skewers need warm water for soaking before use
  • Metal skewers need cold water for soaking after use.
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