It is indeed a popular question that pops a lot in the minds of the computer users that which one to go for, Chromebook vs Macbook Pro. Primarily it is a matter of personal choice or liking that either you are a MacBook person or one of the new generation of the Google Chromebook. Apart from a personal choice, there are certain specifications, features, and functionalities of these operating systems that will convince you to go for one.

That’s pretty obvious that you can’t make a choice until and unless you know well about both the things that you are choosing one from. However, this is a general fact that whichever you’ll choose, you are gonna get amazing modes and benefits from it.

Generally, Chromebooks can’t perform any high-end or too strenuous tasks. They tend to run only the low-powered processors which are capable of running applications available at the Google Play store, formerly known as Android Market. Whereas, MacBook on the other hand, is said to be a Powerhouse. If you’re working over high-end stuff, and you need a robust laptop that has the ability to efficiently run a whole great spectrum of software, then a MacBook will certainly be your thing.

Let Have A Look At the Comparision Between Chromebook vs Macbook Pro

Chromebook will turn out to be a thing as if a laptop is running a web browser and nothing much more than that. This is an explanation for those, who are habitual of the Windows or Mac operating system. On the flip side, the MacBook operating system is efficiently able to not only run the Chrome Browser but other supported software as well.

This was a general overview of  Chromebook vs Macbook Pro the aspects which are now followed by a complete and precise comparison along with the pros and cons as well.



Chromebooks run the Chrome OS, which is an operating system created by Google. They are indeed quite easy to use and can help you a lot with your daily life activities and computing requirements. The Chrome OS is a fast, simple, and safe operating system that powers all the Chromebooks.

If you do like to or decide to switch towards the ChromeBook from either Mac or Windows, then this very task is extremely easy in addition to the good fact that all your valuable data and files will be safe and ready to use right away just as you switch.

Considering the comparison between Chromebook vs Macbook Pro, Chromebooks are not only easy to use but also very convenient to carry. They come in a number of adjustable shapes and sizes and you can choose the one that suits your sitting or working aptitude. There are tablet modes, laptop modes, tent modes, and even strand-up modes available as well for the convenience of working anywhere and everywhere.

From expressing your creativity and doing your official projects to watching movies and playing your favorite games, Chromebook will let you do every task in the most efficient and pleasurable manner. You can have access to all of your favorite Play Store apps and surf over the web as well. You can even do creative stuff such as photo and video editing, designing, drawing, sketching, and music creation over the Chromebook.

Chromebook serves as a true productivity Powerhouse from jotting down the notes to giving presentations.


  • Chromebooks are quite less expensive than the usual laptops. They are good for general writing and internet browsing.
  • The Chrome OS is an extremely fast and stable operating system and gets booted up in seconds.
  • Chromebooks have a considerably longer battery life of up to 9-11 hours, unlike a Windows Laptop.
  • They are extremely safe from viruses and malware as they have a built-in antivirus that updates itself at regular intervals.
  • They are very compact and lightweight as they don’t have any high-end components in them.


  • They have minimal local storage available.
  • They can’t be much productive offline.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is the line of Apple’s Macintosh Portable Computers. It has a higher rank and customer satisfaction than the MacBook Air.  It has the Best High Definition screen display and has the most stunning screens all across the market. It has extremely high-resolution and pixel-dense Retina displays that are absolutely loved by their growing customers.

The Mac OS is one powerful and high-end operating system that has a user-friendly interface. There is a seamless integration between the Mac OS computers and iOS devices. This operating system has perfect harmony with its hardware components that result in a flawless performance.

MacBooks have incredible battery life. They are popular among users due to their perfect mobility. They can last up to considerable long hours on their own. As an example, the 16-inch model is capable of lasting up to 11 hours.

if we compare Chromebook vs Macbook Pro, MacBooks have their significance in giving off the high-end and luxurious look and feel. They have powerful machinery along with cutting-edge aesthetics. They not only work great but also have the most exquisite appearance. They feature an extremely durable and “solid-feeling” keyboard and trackpad. This way, they allow cursor precision, Force-clicks, multi-touch gestures, and improved control.

MacBooks do last a considerable span of time maintaining their matchless functioning and performance. They run smoothly with the perfect optimization and collaboration of all their components and hence, serve the best.


  • MacBooks have a quite sleek, appealing, and lightweight design.
  • They have a high-resolution and widescreen Retina Display.
  • The RAM and Hard Drive updation is very easy.
  • They have the Gigabit Ethernet standard and run all the universal applications.
  • They offer easy video conferencing with the Built-in iSight camera.


  • The processor cannot be updated in Macbooks.
  • There is no internal modem or expansion slot.


As far as our final verdict about chromebook vs macbook pro is concerned, it’s again of course totally a matter of personal liking and choice, as mentioned before. However, if you’re a person who prefers to own sleek and somewhat dangling gadgets to yourself, then you’re more likely to be appealed by the greatly iconic design Macbook featuresIt’s by far, unbeatable when it comes to a sleek appearance, followed by an extensive compatibility with apple devices and robustness.

Yet, if you’re much into the looks and all, we’d rather suggest you go for the Chromebook if you want for yourself is a simple device for internet browsing and streaming and that your work requirements are mostly web applications (schooling, let’s say!). Chromebook would be your thing if you’re looking for a gadget on a budget primarily!

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