The galaxy earbuds don’t have connectivity to just mobile, but also you can How to Connect Galaxy Buds to Laptop. The galaxy buds are easy to use, with a laptop whether Mac or Windows.

By using galaxy buds with a laptop, your work can be more enjoyable when listening to your favorite audio genre. The galaxy Buds connected to the Mac are very different from the windows connected and vice versa.

Mac Laptop: How to Connect Galaxy Buds to Laptop?

Make sure the most recent version of your Mac OS is installed. This will allow galaxy buds to be connected to the Mac laptop ASAP. Any other device that pairs your earbuds will attempt to attach nearby. Make sure that they are switched off by Bluetooth.

  • On Mac, from the menu pick System Preferences, then select Bluetooth.
  • In the charging case, put the earbuds in and open the cover. The pairing mode of galaxy Bud’s is activated.
  • Pick your galaxy earbuds name from the device list.
  • Click on connect and enjoy the new hits download on your MAC.

Window 10 Laptop: How To Connect Galaxy Buds to Laptop?

If you are a window 10 laptop user and wondering how to Connect Galaxy Buds to your Laptop, then there is good news for you. Now you can connect galaxy buds with your laptop without any difficulty. Just dive into these simple steps to connect the galaxy buds with windows 10 laptop.

  1. On the bottom left of the screen, in the Windows search box. Type Bluetooth settings.
  2. Press on the first option e.g. “Bluetooth and other device settings”.
  3. When you open the settings tab on the computer. Open the cover of your galaxy earbuds. This automatically activates the galaxy bud’s combination mode.
  4. The earbuds are going to attempt to attach to a computer they’re already attached to. Make sure the Bluetooth is switched off on every such device.
  5. Now, in the Bluetooth Settings, press “Add Bluetooth or other devices.” This redirects you to the next window and in this window, you pick “Bluetooth.”
  6. Your laptop now begins looking for the devices to pair it with. On the screen, you can see the Samsung Galaxy Buds.
  7. Click on the name of your Galaxy earbuds system and the pairing process will begin. Offer it a couple of seconds and all is done.
  8. You’re going to see the message that says “Your device is ready!” Try to play a track on your laptop and like to listen while your hustle continues!


Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and implement them on your laptop. Turn on the earbuds: Hurray! It’s done. Start doing with the positive vibes and enjoy the new hits downloaded on your laptop. If you Connect Galaxy Buds to Laptop, your work can be more enjoyable when listening to your favorite audio genre.

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