Have You just bought a brand new pair of climbing shoes and they are so pretty? But when you wear these shoes you are not feeling comfortable or they are too tight, you want to break in a little? But you don’t know how to break them? Here’s the list of 5 different methods of how to break in climbing shoes.

Let’s have a look at the 5 important steps of how to break in climbing shoes without causing pain 

Climbing shoes are made of plastic or leather. Since leather can stretch more easily, you can extend your shoes. Among the number of ways in How to Break in Climbing Shoes?  Stretching Climbing shoes is another way to increase the comfort of your shoes if they are too tight.

  • Wear The Climbing Shoes in Hot Shower

Wearing them in the shower is the easiest and most convenient way to stretch climbing shoes. Remove all packets and stickers and put new shoes on. Get your toes to wiggle regularly and flex your foot in a hot water tub for 5-10 minutes.

Keep the climbing shoes and walk around them for about 15 to 30 minutes after you get out of the shower. Although this approach extends to climbing shoes larger than the others, you will still need to repeat the procedure many times to get your shoes fully stretched and broken in.

  • Place The Water-Filled Bags In Climbing Shoes 

Another strange trick, but it works, we promise. Fill two bags with water until each one is around the size of your foot. Into the climbing shoes place the water-filled bags. Put your shoes in the fridge and leave them overnight.

As the water freezes within, it will expand and stretch the climbing shoes. Take your shoes out of the freezer after at least 10-12 hours and let them thaw completely. This method works well and stretches the climbing shoes.

  • Stuff Your Shoes & Blow Dry Them

This is an easy & no-fussy technique for people who want to know “How to Break in Climbing Shoes?”, using heat to lose and expand new climbing shoes. Start with the socks or some other fabric stuffing your shoes. Then turn your blow dryer high and warm up your shoe, concentrating on the top of the leather for 2 to 3 minutes.

Then push the socks inside the shoe–fill it up to the maximum. Go to the dryer for another 2-3 minutes to heat the shoe. This process can be repeated multiple times, alternating between heating and flexing the shoe.

  • Wrap Your Foot In A Plastic Bag

Trying a new climb shoe can be often painful because of the friction between the foot and the shoe. You may also avoid filling your foot properly. Wrap your foot in a saran wrap or plastic bag and slip into the climbing shoe to fix this. You should note that the shoes go on a little easier immediately and you will feel even more relaxed.

  • Wear Socks Under Climbing Shoes

The fact that we are wearing socks under climbing shoes isn’t another discussion, and we’re not here to ruffle feathers. But it would be less controversial to wear socks to break new climbing shoes.

This is the best way to get you on the wall quickly. Wear a couple of socks for the first few climbing sessions–the thicker, the better. The additional volume of the socks helps to extend new climbing shoes and reduce the hot spots.


Considering the above-mentioned ways for How to Break in Climbing Shoes? you should also consider the look of your shoes. Climbing shoes are not all about functionality, but also about looks.

Whether you are just starting in the sport or as a pro, the best quality and perfect fit are what you are looking for in a climbing shoe. Climbing shoes are one of the most important assets as a climber.

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