Have you ever thought, if you can make hot chocolate in a coffee maker? If yes then we are here to answer your question, first of all, yes you can make hot chocolate using a coffee maker and the best thing about it is you can make it with pretty much any coffee maker.

Doesn’t matter what coffee maker you have, you can do the same steps on any of them. I have tried these steps for you, so you don’t run into any accidents. Here is how you do it and what you’ll need to enjoy your hot chocolate;

Thing You Will Need To Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker

For starters, you will need the following things to Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker,

  • Get water
  • A clean coffee maker
  • Your favorite hot chocolate mix packets( or get hot chocolate powder)

Don’t forget some marshmallows!

Directions For Making Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker

It is a really simple procedure, not intimidating at all, let’s walk through these easy steps one-by-one

Step 1:

Step 1

For the first step, you will fill your coffee maker with water, just like the way you do it for your coffee, pour the required to the required level depending on how many cups you need.

Step 2:

Step 2

To Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker, you need to open the packets of hot chocolate mix put them in the coffee maker. You will need an equal number of coffee mix packets as well as cups of water.

Step 3:

Step 3

You can now add your preferred sweetener to the coffee maker. In case you prefer your hot chocolate sugarless. Skip to the next step!

Step 4:

Step 4

Run the coffee maker for a few minutes, until it’s boiled enough.

Step 5:

Step 5

When it’s done, stir the hot chocolate mix and make sure that ingredients are dissolved appropriately.

Step 6:

Step 6

Serve the hot chocolate with your favorite snacks. And enjoy your hot chocolate!

Tips And Tricks On Making Hot Chocolate In Coffee Maker

If you want to experiment with your hot chocolate and make it differently here are some bonus tricks to do so,

Hot Chocolate With Coffee

Hot Chocolate With Coffee

If you want a mocha flavored coffee, go for it! To make it perfect, make the chocolate and the coffee separately. It will help

balance the flavor and won’t make it too strong.

Milk in Coffee Maker?

Milk in Coffee Maker

You can go for milk in your coffee but not in the coffee maker, it will damage the machine and make rusts on the hot plate. It is better to boil water in the coffee maker than milk, take some amount of water and put it in the cup, and pour milk. This is a better way to make coffee with milk. Or use milk powder instead.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about experimenting is new inventions like making hot chocolate in a coffee maker in your own home. So now, when the weather demands you can get a cup of hot chocolate. Following these easy steps in real life, you wouldn’t ask again, “can you make hot chocolate in a coffee maker.”

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