A coffee maker is such a good friend of any coffee lover. A cup of coffee wakes you up any time, and we need one in the morning. The reason you are thinking of  What To Put Under Coffee Maker is that you must be afraid of spilling coffee just like many of us. The coffee stains look nasty on the countertop and make it hard to remove them.

That’s why we need something to put under our coffee maker to avoid such hassle and make it easier for us to access. Well, here you can find some items and make your life easier. I have got some interesting options to choose from.

Coffee Maker Mat

Coffee Maker Mat

A mat is a cheap and easily accessible option if you are on a budget and want to get the job done permanently. A perfect solution to your problem What To Put Under Coffee Maker, Take a look at these,

Silicon Mat

Silicon Mat

Silicon mats are the best and the cheapest option of all. These are not plastic, they are your next environment-friendly purchase. You can easily move them and clean the prep area.

They are good enough to save your kitchen counter from any stains. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Giving you a lot to choose from.

Reclaim Mats

Reclaim Mats

You can use any mat, but make sure it is waterproof. Show your aesthetic with a uniquely printed mat or be creative with any leftover piece of a mat. It will work the same way as a silicon mat.

A Coffee Maker Tray

A Coffee Maker Tray

Furthermore, for an easy and permanent solution for What To Put Under Coffee Maker, The coffee maker tray gives you more freedom to add to your style and make it good-looking, not that you can use any tray for this purpose but also there are specially designed for appliances are here to help, let’s take a look.

Sliding Coffee Maker Tray

Sliding Coffee Maker Tray

A coffee tray is not just about looks but the sliding tray screams easy access. A sliding coffee tray is multipurpose, not just it gives a platform for any accidental coffee spills also makes it is easier to pull out your beloved appliance.

The overhead cabinet can be a huge problem to get to your huge coffee maker, or you might not have an open shelf. If you face any of these issues. The sliding tray gives an effortless approach and considers the best alternative to put under coffer maker.

Get Creative With DIY Trays

Be careful with cheaper options, putting a pizza (card)box under your coffee maker will not save your counter space. If you desire to give your cabinet an aesthetic yet reliable look, make it a warm place for your coffee maker to sit, and add style elements. , you can show your creativity here

Some Suggestions For Bringing Style

Here some reasonable suggestions,

  • Simple White

Simple White

If you want a simple solution then don’t go anywhere, pick the white tray put some mugs, and on it with your favorite snacks, here is your new coffee tray with much more. What’s your choice?

  • Wooden Tray

Wooden Tray

To give it a farmhouse vibe, get a wooden tray, with string handles, nothing can bring such a subtle aesthetic than this. If simple and yet style is your key.

  • Metal Tray

Metal Tray

Do you remember that old tray from grandma? You will need it now. A metal tray will bring the tea aesthetic to your coffee station. Isn’t it cool?

  • Marble Tray

Marble Tray

Marble will give the glamorous look to your countertop and will define your love for coffee. If it suits your style you can use some other utensils to make it a whole coffee station.

A Rolling Platform

A Rolling Platform

It is another option that doesn’t come in any tray or a mat category but is worth mentioning. It serves the same purpose as a sliding tray. A rolling platform is specially designed for easy access to your appliances like a coffee maker.

Are you tired of scraping your countertops when you move appliances again and again? With the help of this innovative invention, you can easily get what you need. When finished, roll back to keep your prep area clutter-free and with no damage.


We have covered a lot of options for different mats and trays To Put Under Coffee Maker in this article. Now you know what to put under your coffee maker. You can bring style and make it not so difficult to use it. A waterproof mat material will work much better.

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