How To Set Coffee Maker Timer, Not only Coffee Maker but other Electric appliances help us a lot in our daily routine, some of them are in your kitchen for example a coffee maker, but some of us struggle to put a coffee maker to its full use. Setting the timer is usually thrown back on the drawer in user manuals.

To Set Coffee Maker Timer can be different. But I have piled a set of easy steps for you that can work for most of the coffee makers. Here is the procedure to set times on your coffee maker,

A Simple Guide To Set Coffee Maker Timer

These are the detailed steps Set Coffee Maker Timer & for coffee makers like Mr. Coffee, Hamilton, Cuisinart, and for a Black And Decker coffee maker as well.

Step 1:

How To Set Coffee Maker Timer
How To Set Coffee Maker Timer

Plugin the coffee maker, and if it’s already plugged in then you will need to plug it off and plug it in to start by the default setting

Step 2:

How To Set Coffee Maker Timer

You will see the hour and the minutes button on it. First, you need to Set Coffee Maker Timer on the required time  that you want your coffee to brew,

Step 3:

How To Set Coffee Maker Timer
How To Set Coffee Maker Timer

To select hours, there should be HOUR or HR press the hour button until the required time flashes.

Step 4:

How To Set Coffee Maker Timer

After selecting minutes, you will see a MINUTE or MIN. and select the exact time you want

Note: If you go past the required time you can simply repeat the process for 

Step 5:

How To Set Coffee Maker Timer

Release the buttons to Set Coffee Maker Timer, and here you go!

Keep in mind that if you unplug your coffee maker it will go to the default, and you will have to set the timer again.

Here you can enjoy your coffee without any waiting and you won’t get any burnt taste from your coffee again. And after some experimenting, you can get consistency for your desired taste.

Program the Coffee maker

How To Set Coffee Maker Timer

You can easily program the chocolate coffee maker by adding following these steps,

  • Choose the Carafe side or the single-serving side as per your requirement. In the case of hamilton or Black And Decker coffee maker, you will have to hold the program button.  The program button can be written as PROGRAM or PRO.
  • After you have selected the time by following our guide press the automation button that will be given as AUTOMATE or AUTO.

It will make your coffee hot for two hours.


This feature comes in almost every other electric coffee maker and is helpful. Using advanced technology can be tricky but helps us in daily life, Set Coffee Maker Timer is a trivial thing, and can save you a lot of time that you might spend waiting. And never get burnt taste from your cup of coffee.

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