Did you get your first Capresso coffee maker? Surely it is exciting as it is PBA-free and also you will get a cup of coffee in the morning. Sounds relieving, and here we come with a guide for you that helps with almost all the general functions Use Capresso Coffee Maker like time setting, automation settings, and decalcifying. Don’t you worry about extra settings, we have covered them here as well.

Set All The Equipment Carefully

Your coffee maker will come with different types of equipment, that are thoroughly mentioned and are explained in the manual. Check all the pieces and place them accordingly. This will be different for every different model

Preparing The Coffee Maker Before First Use

To Use Capresso Coffee Maker first unpack your coffee maker and clean all the loose parts with warm water. Clean the internal parts by making two carafes using only water, without any ground coffee inside the filter.

The Display Clock And The Timer

When you plug in the coffee maker, the display will illuminate and will flash “12:00” while all indicator lights will be off.

How To Set The Current Time And Auto-on Time

Push and hold the hour button. When the required hour shows up, release the button and long-press the minute button to set the minutes. You must change the clock when the time changes.

For the coffee maker to start brewing at a preset time automatically, you will have to push the program button, the display shows “12:00”. And set the time as mentioned above. The display will revert to the actual time within a few seconds. Follow these directions to Use Capresso Coffee Maker.

Using The Charcoal Filter Indicator


Most tap water is treated with chlorine. The charcoal filter removes 82% of the chlorine with impurities from tap water. Pour four cups of water into the tank and let it sit for about 3 minutes. Turn on the machine and let the water brew. The green charcoal filter light will start blinking either after 8 weeks or after the tasty Coffee Brewing Button has been turned on 60 times, reminding you to replace the cartridge.

The Proper Sequence For Making Coffee

As different models by the company come in different sizes but some things are common in all of them, consider them to Use Capresso Coffee Maker

Using The GoldTone Filter And Filter Paper

A size 4 GoldTone filter comes with some of the machines. It sits in the Filter Holder. Coffee flows slower through a GoldTone Filter, and faster through paper filters. Fold the bottom and side crimps over for a proper fit. Don’t use filter paper inside a GoldTone Filter!

Turning The Coffee Maker On

Push the On/Off button The red light will illuminate, indicating that the brewing process is starting.

Caution: Never open the water container lid during brewing.

Pouring Coffee While Brewing

You can remove the carafe from the platform, during the brewing process for about 20 seconds to pour a cup before brewing is finished.

Brewing Small Amounts Of Coffee And Making Multiple Carafes Of Coffee

When brewing small amounts of coffee push the 3-5 cup button first. The green indicator light will go on. Then push the On/Off button. The red indicator light will go on. If you pushed it by mistake, just push it again to turn off this function.

In case you want to make another carafe of coffee, immediately after the first pot, make sure the machine is off and allow it to cool down for three minutes before the water tank refill.

Cleaning The Coffee

After removing the GoldTone filter and Charcoal filter, fill the water container with a diluted solution in a ratio of 1:4 with white vinegar. Place the empty carafe with the lid closed underneath the filter holder. Turn the machine on for 2 minutes, and let sit for 15 minutes. Turn the machine, let the remaining vinegar pass through. When the red light turns off, remove the carafe, empty it, and rinse it a few times with fresh cold water. vinegar odors.

This is how you use Capresso coffee maker

Closing Remarks

This is a general guide that can help you to Use Capresso Coffee Maker device. And it covers most of the features that come with the Capresso coffee maker. Electronic machines are good for automation. And hence save your time. Enjoy your next coffee easily and without hazards!

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