One day you looked at your favorite coffee maker to make your life easier but does it taste like plastic? it is not something that comes near edible or harmless in your food, and should not be used with products that work at high-temperature points. You must be searching for ways To Get Plastic Taste Out Of New Coffee Maker.

Here is a fact, it’s a very common complaint. Owners of coffee machines, both cheap and outrageously expensive suffer just like you. But we have got different ways of dealing with this dilemma, Let’s dive in,

Things You Will Need 

To Get Plastic Taste Out Of New Coffee Maker you can choose anything from the following at your convenience, Following are the options to choose your cleaning agent from,

  • Vinegar 

Vinegar is easily available and is used in many household remedies, in this particular case, you will need a 1:4 ratio to make the solution, some people like to use a higher ratio like 50:50 but it will be really hard to get the vinegar smell out of the coffee maker. But if it works it works.

  • Baking soda 

In case you are using baking soda, you will need to dissolve a ¼ cup of soda in warm water. Warm water will help to dissolve the powder completely. It is considered the best way To Get Plastic Taste Out Of New Coffee Maker.

  • Lemon juice 

Lemon is a natural cleaning agent, some filled the entire reservoir with lemon juice when diluted solution didn’t work for them, but I would advise using a ratio of 1 tablespoon for 1 cup.


After you choose whatever is on hand, you will need to follow this easy 4 step procedure

Step 1:

Empty the coffee maker to start the process. Water from the reservoir and coffee front the brewer channel as well.

Step 2:

Pour your selected solution, to get the maximum effect, fill the water reservoir to the highest level,

Step 3:

Some machines have a cleaning or flushing button that will flush the entire solution and in some you might need to do brewing, just keep a vessel or any container to collect the wastewater.

Repeat the process until the taste goes away.

Step 4:

Use clean water to rinse the coffee maker, you might need to repeat the process so you don’t taste the cleaning agent in your next cup of coffee.


Wipe with vodka or isopropyl alcohol

Many people believe that the source of plastic taste comes from factory residue that can be dissolved in alcohol and the smell can go completely. All you need to do is to take some wipes to dip them in alcohol or vodka and clean the plastic area of your coffee maker and then rinse with water.

Let It Air Out 

It is so easy it doesn’t sound like a remedy. But for a lot of people, it worked. Some people believe that the only way of getting rid of plastic taste is by giving it some time in the open air will help you to outrun the initial rush of gasses. But what time is enough time?

Why Do You Get The Plastic Taste?

If your coffee maker comes with a plastic reservoir, that is made with two types of chemicals that are responsible for the plastic taste you’ve had in your coffee, named and Bisphenol-A(BPA) or Phthalate. Hot temperature causes these materials to break from the bond of their parent plastic material, and mix with the fluid. After applying the procedure above if you still get the taste of plastic then you should totally go with a coffee maker with a PBA-free water reservoir.


Some high-end coffee makers use steel reservoir to avoid the plastic taste, and if you don’t lose it after applying the procedure five times, then it is not good for your health. Before you think about spending on a new purchase, these remedies are worth applying To Get Plastic Taste Out Of a New Coffee Maker. Anything might work for you.

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