The majority claim that only the charger supplied by the company will charge the scooters. This isn’t the reality, however. If you want to Charge an Electric Scooter Without Charger you can also manually charge your scooter battery. You need a battery charger, screwdrivers, and power supply cord to charge your battery manually. Both of these can be bought from any mechanical shop. You are happy to go ahead when you are finished with the conditions.

Methods To Charge an Electric Scooter Without Charger

Now, let’s move to the different methods of how to Charge an Electric Scooter Without Charger!


Charge Your Electric Scooter With Portable Car Jumper

The most common and convenient batteries to charge your scooter without a charger are car jumpers. Then it can maintain a higher voltage in normal batteries. You must obey the method by using this technique:

Step 1: Connect the Wires

You need to attach your jumper to the battery first to charge your scooter. For a positive port, you have to connect a red wire and a negative port is a black wire. Make sure there are no leaks or breaks when you mount the battery. It could be risky otherwise.

Step 2: Switch On the Jumper 

Switch on the jumper then. The battery must be charged for 20 minutes to charge it entirely. Do not disconnect the jumper from a battery while charging. Attach the wires carefully, if electric shocks happen they can harm your battery as well.

Step 3: Disconnect the Jumper

When the battery is full, you must disconnect the jumper. You must do this by disconnecting from the jumper the negative port. Your electric scooter is ready to move by plugging the positive port into the tank.

Charge Your Electric Scooter By Using a Universal Power Adapter

It is an electronic system which has time to store electricity. It is the finest electrical equipment of all kinds. You can Charge an Electric Scooter Without Charger by using this technique. The procedure must be followed:

Step 1: Plug your Power Cable into the Adapter

An adapter is a device type, which can charge electrical appliances of all sorts. For the positive port to connect the red wire, you must connect the black wire to the negative port.

Step 2: Set the voltage

The voltage now has to be set to 4.20V/cell. Since you don’t know the battery number on your scooter, you must guess or contact the manufacturer.

Step 3: Set the current

Set the current to 20% and Measure battery power. For example, the output power would be 1.8A if the battery is at 9Ah. But too much charge can damage your battery.

Step 4: Wait for the charge

By dropping the supplied current, the battery is full. The Universal power adapter is then disconnected when the current supplied is approximately 3 percent of the scooter rated capacity (Ah). Now your scooter is ready to move.


You can charge an Electric scooter without a charger in this way. One more thing to remember is that you must wear protective gear like rubber gloves to protect yourself from shocks during this operation. You are able to ride it once you have charged your scooter. But be mindful that a scooter should be charged with the original charger as this increases battery life.

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